diumenge, 23 de novembre de 2014

Potty-Mouthed Princesses

I love pink, I love makeup, everyday dress shoes with heels and I usually pass on laughing. On one hand, some people think I'm a silly little princess and little knowledge ... that is when becomes a potty-mouthed princess. Moreover, if I wear flat shoes and I wouldn't wear makeup me, I would be more introverted, some people think I'm less feminine ... then that would be a potty-mouthed princess again. And finally, just for being a woman, there are social sectors have established that charge less for the same job as a man does, if I say something offensive and sexist to me I've searched and I live in the shadow of the male ... definitely I become a potty-mouthed princess. We recommend watching all of this campaign starring potty-mouthed girls dressed in princess ... unfortunately still necessary warnings like these.


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